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Employee Monitoring Software – Interguard Review

Posted March 21st, 2011

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Employee Monitoring Software – Interguard Review

interguard monitor employees

Interguard is cutting edge for employee monitoring software. Not only do they have a way of monitoring the desktop, but also laptops. Since more and more people are using laptops for business this is an important feature. The best part is that you can monitor the laptops wherever they are being used even if they are not on the company network at the time.

Also, unlike other programs Interguard does not just show you what the people were doing on the computer; it also allows you to limit the activities that they can do on the computer. Let’s face it, all the technology really can be a good thing unless it is being used against you or to help out your rivals. Interguard also allows you to scan outgoing documents so that you can be sure that nothing vital is being leaked outside of the company. You can also remotely retrieve or delete information from a compromised laptop if you need to; allowing you to divert a potential problem instead of just dealing with the aftermath.

Interguard also has one major difference. You still get all the reports and logs and data to look over, and you can do it whenever you want, but it also allows you to see what is happening as it happens as well. You can log into your account and see everything that is being done at that moment. Because you can see what is being done as they do it; this is probably the best form of employee monitoring software available since you can stop them from doing things as well. You can control the situation instead of just trying to clean up after the disaster.

Interguard offers you all of the best features in the employee monitoring software available. You can get a keylogger feature that allows you to see everything (including emails, passwords, instant messengers, and social networking) that your people are doing, but it also allows you to protect your information by actively blocking certain functions from happening in the first place. You can also block these activities in real time whenever you are noticing some suspicious activity; they do not have to be blocked all the time.

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Employee Monitor Software

Best Employee Monitor Software

Posted March 17th, 2011

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Best Employee Monitor Software


The best employee monitor software is a relative statement because it greatly depends on exactly what you want or need the software to do. Now, employee monitoring implies that you want it to keep track of what your people are doing on company time with the computers they are supposed to be using for business. The differences come in with whether you want to just see what the person is doing or if you actually want to be able from doing certain things.

Many companies think the best employee monitor software that just lets them see what the employees are doing. This allows them to enforce punishments whenever necessary or at least see which people are loyal to the company or not. Many of these programs will come with a keylogger feature that will show everything the person does on the computer. This allows them to keep track of all activities but it could result in many hours of pouring over data to make sure nothing is happening that should not be.

In this day and age you need to step it up a little bit to be the best employee monitor software. You need something that will not only keep track of the desktops in the company, but all of the laptops as well. Many businesses are using laptops for their employees now because they are portable and flexible enough to allow the employees to conduct business from just about anywhere. With all the web capabilities that you can utilize on the internet it would almost be bad for the company to not use computers or the internet. This does not leave you with too many viable options when trying to be successful; you need the web.

Now if you want more from the best employee monitoring software chances are that you are going to be looking for some way of controlling what is sent from the computer and what they actually have access too. Believe it or not, you can accomplish this even with the laptops that are being used in your company. That means that you will have real time, remote access to the information on the laptops and also retrieve it or delete it to keep it from being shared outside the company. That could come in handy if the laptop were ever stolen or lost. It also means that you have much more control over things than just being able to see what the people are doing on company time.

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Employee Monitor Software

Employee Monitor Software

Posted March 17th, 2011

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Employee Monitor Software

Computers are almost necessary for business these days and many employers are faced with trying to monitor employees using a employee monitor software. With everything that can be done on the internet it is increasingly hard to do. There is social networking as well as other sites that people can access even if you have your own server. Can you monitor employee internet activity using an employee monitoring software? Yes you can place firewalls and check with the history, but you cannot really stop them can you? Unfortunately you can’t really. You can however, use Interguard to put a stop to some of their activities as well as seeing exactly what they are doing. This is one of the best employee monitor software out there.

Because of this many companies are looking for employee monitoring software that can at least keep track of what their employees are doing on the computer and the web. While this may not stop them from doing things; it will allow you to catch them doing it and enforce punishments if necessary. Now it might not seem like much, but being able to keep track of how they are using the technology available to them.

Many of the employee monitoring software programs offer a keylogger feature. This allows you to see not just web activities, but everything they do on the computer. It really is a program to monitor employee’s activity whenever they are using the work computer in real time and getting lost in cyberspace doing whatever they want. Interguard offers the keylogger to monitor employees as well as other features.

Employee Monitor Software – Laptops

Interguard will even work on the company laptops as well. That allows you to be able to monitor any valuable information about the company wherever it is stored and know it is safe as well as being able to monitor employees wherever they are working. You won’t have to worry about potentially losing valuable information or having a rival company trying to get the data from one of your employees. Some employee monitoring software also includes full data loss prevention that will screen all email attachments and media to insure that valuable information is not being sent out where it should not be. Now, depending on your business this could be very important. For example, a private detective is not going to want anyone getting access to certain information that is supposed to be confidential. That adds another level of worry when looking for ways to monitor employees and finding the right computer monitoring software to accomplish it.

Employee Monitor Software – Keep Your Data Safe

Private detectives are not the only ones who are going to want to keep their data safe or wanting to be able to monitor employees that work for them. There are many instances and circumstances where you have valuable information that you do not want anyone outside of the company to be able to access. Using monitor software to keep track of all the company computers including laptops can allow you to lock that information away in case one of those laptops got stolen. You can literally put employee monitoring software on a laptop and keep track of all the activities done on it in real time. That way if it is stolen and you see they are trying to access the information on it; you can lock them out. You can even delete the files remotely from wherever you are. Interguard provides these features for monitoring employees. Obviously they want you to have a little more control as well.

Employee Monitor Software – Easy to Use

As you can see so far, some of the employee monitor software can be pretty complex. Depending on the program software that you want to use, it could also be very easy or difficult to deploy and use. Obviously, you are not going to want something so complex that you cannot use it as an employee activity monitor. No matter how good it is, if you cannot put it to use it is worthless to you. Most will not want something that takes forever to learn to use either. Not to worry, technology has made it so that you can use seemingly complex programs without having to be a computer genius to do it.

Employees use the internet for many different things in a wide variety of jobs. Depending on what your business is, you might want to consider using employee monitoring software to keep track of exactly what your employees are doing. If you have sensitive or confidential information you might even what something that you can use to control the safety of that data. There are quite a few choices available, but you might want to seriously consider something that has the technology you need but it easy to use.

Employee Monitor Software – Features

There are tons of features to consider as well like data protection, keylogger, email and instant messenger apps, being able to lock out of block certain features, and there are probably a lot more. Keeping the workplace secure and the business safe is important for anyone who is in business. You do not want to risk everything on losing data or leaving yourself open for sabotage. Most owners would not be very happy about some of the things you could do on the internet happening on company time either.

What Employee Monitor Software Should I Use?


A very good employee monitoring software for people who want to monitor employees is NetSpy Pro.

monitor employees

Net Spy Pro is a simple program that you place on each computer of your Windows network. With Net Spy Pro you can view multiple screens in real time, log activities like websites visited and email send and completely control any user’s PC – all from YOUR OWN workstation!

Net Spy Pro is the ultimate combination network monitoring and remote control software. Net Spy Pro allows you to monitor all user activity on a TCP/IP network from your workstation, even in real time.

So what can Net Spy Pro do?

There is 3 major parts of Net Spy Pro 3 areas that you can control Administration, Networking and Content.
1. Administrative tools this will help you control system lockdown, you can freeze mouse for your employees, restart any PC, launch web site and much more.
2. Network monitoring, here we have a live monitoring section and a logged monitoring section.
-Live monitoring allows you to view multiple live screens, it allows you to see keystrokes and other events this and more.
-Logged monitoring allows you to see websites visited, chat conversations,keystrokes, emails and more.
3. Content filtering – this part will help you with website blocking and application blocking.

Net Spy Pro is easy to install and you can try it for free to see if this is something for you and your office.

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interguard monitor employees

Interguard is an employee monitoring software created by Awareness Technologies. This software is designed to monitor employees, monitor workloads and increase deficiency.

Some of the features of this software are: recording of all employee communications, monitors employees internet use on and off the network, blockage and limiting of instant messages, analyses and records keystroke activity.

Interguard – Filtering Option

With the filtering option in interguard, you can specify the websites that your employees are allowed to visit. Most of the websites that employees usually visit during work are social networking and adult websites. You can specify the list of social networking, adult, malicious websites and other types of websites that your employees should be blocked from visiting.

If you find out that some websites may be useful, you can add them to the list of allowed websites. You cannot only specify websites to be blocked, you can also specify websites to be allowed. You can also specify the time that your employees should be allowed to visit certain websites with the timed filtering option.

Interguard – What Does It Record?

You can specify keywords to be alerted for, if found in the websites your employees visit and the emails they send. Interguard records everything your employees do on the net, the emails they send, searches they perform on search engines like google and their instant messaging conversations. Nothing is left out.

Interguard software not only monitors and records your employees internet activity, it also records their keystrokes and files printed, saved and deleted. For all the activities that interguard monitors, it also provides screenshots of them. You don’t need any experience to use this software. Everything is easy and self explanatory. Apart from an easy to use interface, it prevents your trade secrets from leaving the company by scanning all emails and you can also set it to prevent files from being transferred to USB storage devices. There is also extra support available for a fee which you won’t need and a free trial for 7 days.

Formatting of all data into readable reports, screenshots taken whenever your employees read or type an alert word, full individualized reports of an employee’s computer activity, screening of all emails, protection from misuse of trade secrets, blockage of files based on their content, identification and control of who accesses your data, what they can do with it, and the type of data accessed.

Interguard is cutting edge for employee monitoring software. Not only do have a way of monitoring the desktop, but also laptops. Since more and more people are using laptops for business this is an important feature. The best part is that you can monitor the laptops wherever they are being used even if they are not on the company network at the time.

This software was designed with employers in mind. This is the perfect employee activity monitor software if you want to monitor employees in your business or company. Monitor employees and start enjoying the benefits today.

No one wants to pay an employee that spends half of their time on the computer social networking, chatting with friends, or surfing websites that are really not appropriate in the workplace. If you had a way to monitor employees you could potentially put an end to such activities by threatening punishments for it. If you had an employee monitoring software you could see everything that they were doing and could punish them if you had too. They are much less likely to do it if they know that they cannot actually get away with it without getting caught. That is the beauty of monitoring employees with Interguard, but you can also do a little more with it like I mentioned before with the remote access features and recovery features.

These are just a few instances where you might want to monitor employees. I am sure that there are more. It is not possible to get every circumstance listed here because there are thousands of different types of businesses and thousands of different reasons to go along with them. Regardless of the reasons you have, knowing that you can use computer monitoring software to keep track of all the activities done on company computers could give you the edge you need to be confident that your information is safe and your employees are behaving appropriately while on the time clock. Interguard is one option to monitor employees that you might really want to take the time to look at.

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Monitor Employees


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